Skin Care Home Remedies

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tags You have to be careful when choosing a skin care natural remedy. There are few guidelines regarding the use of the word “natural” in labeling and advertising. So, it’s one of those situations where the “buyer must beware”.

It’s truly been said that “you are what you eat”. The person’s diet has a great effect on the skin but along with the diet the external mediums are also essential. Commercial products that are widely used for skin care may contain chemical that has adverse effects on the skin as well as the overall health. So, the best solution to have a healthy and beautiful skin is to go for skin care home remedies.

Mix 60 grams flour of gram pulse, half teaspoonful of turmeric powder and raw milk and 8-10 drops of mustard, sesame or olive oil and make a thick paste. Now apply this on the face, neck, arms, hand, feet, elbows and knees. After 5-10 minutes when this face starts drying up rub it with the palms and remove.

Judith uses extra virgin olive oil as a dual purpose make-up remover and moisturizer. She gently rubs a small amount onto her face with her fingertips and then rinses the oil off with warm water and a wash cloth. It gently removes the make-up while leaving her skin smooth and moist.

Drinking plenty of water, eating raw fruits and vegetables, and getting plenty of rest are one of the best ways to achieving healthy and radiant skin. Add pulp-free aloe vera juice to water in a spray bottle and spritz arms, legs, back and face. Mix 1 part vodka with 9 parts strong chamomile or mint tea. A paste made from one teaspoon each of sandalwood powder and turmeric mixed with milk, is very good.

With three tablespoons of good honey and one of powdered cinnamon, make a paste and apply to the acne before going to bed and wash it out in the morning again with warm water, when you wake up. Do this Home remedy for acne continuously for around two weeks and your face will be completely cleared of acne.

If these are all too tame for you, and a brand speaks to you, you could try switching to a brand that uses herbal ingredients – there are plenty of brands that are going natural now.

Skin treatment takes time. Try not to switch between products too often. Allow six months for any one product to work to its full potential. Changing what you use on your face frequently will prevent you from noticing which product has actually improved your skin, and which ones are giving you a bad reaction. Even with expensive products, complete results just don’t happen overnight.

As you can see those are just some of the natural compounds that are used in some creams to reduce the effects of aging like wrinkles, face lines and sagging skin with no side effects.

What is great about this product is that it supports the lymphatic functioning of our body enabling the skin to purify itself. Skin Dr. makes way for healthy cell renewal.

With the busyness of everyone’s lifestyle, this is just the thing that we need to keep us from looking old and weathered. If you want to look your best every single day, you should commit to a natural remedy like Skin Dr.

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) and lemon are among those natural herbs that have numerous benefits. They have been found useful in case of acnes. Get rid of those pimples by simply applying neem leaves and lemon extract in either paste form or wash face with their water. Bathing with neem water will keep away all sorts of allergies.

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