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Smoothie recipe are actually fruit drink or fruit shakes that are prepared in the juicer, smoothie maker or blender. Smoothies have rocketed in worldwide recognition in the last ten years and have become a typical and usual part in diets of millions of households. In this article we are going to look at the fundamentals of how to create a smoothie.

Smoothies benefit us in a different way from juices since smoothies contain the whole fruit, not just the juice. So, the smoothie recipe also comes with the fruit fiber, which is extremely necessary for developing a strong body. Fiber present in fruits is excellent for improving the operation of digestive system.

In order for that smoothie to have a liquid like form which is drinkable (instead of chewable) the smoothie need a fluid base. Common liquid bases comprise different fruit juices like apple or pineapple juice. Dairy products for example milk, yogurt and ice cream can also be used for the smoothies fluid base. But, if you need to try some other alternatives than dairy the simply opt for soy milk and rice. Also, to hold it humble, it is easy to even use the simple purified or filtered plain water. Pour the liquid base into your mixer jug and after that add the fruit.

Feel liberated to utilize whatever fruits you are feeling like. Some of the most popular smoothie recipes are banana and strawberry smoothies. But, any combination of soft fruits can taste great as a smoothie recipe. A few harder fruits just like apple will take more time to break down and may even leave the smoothie lumpy therefore you may need to juice these fruits and add the juice and/or pulp in to the smoothie mixture.

If required peel the fruit (i.e. bananas, citrus fruits, mangoes etc) and then put in the fruit at a gentle rate even as blending and blend until the mixture has a smooth texture. Adding up ice cubes inside blender while preparing smoothie recipe is also extremely famous. There is yet one more alternative of using frozen fruits for smoothie recipes. The two major advantages of using frozen fruits are the drink is cooled naturally and it provides the smoothie thick runniness.

For highest health benefit, drink the smoothie straight away. Yet, if you want to store some of the smoothie for tomorrow, always stock up it in the freezer. Also, don’t fill the smoothie container till the top, leave a little room since the drink is more likely to inflate when placed in the freezer. Further, always keep in mind to remove the smoothie recipe from the freezer over a hour previous of drinking it.

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