Some Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Need to Know


Have you started a new business? If yes, you will obviously want your business to be know with as much people around as possible. So, you will be marketing your business. There are some standard marketing methods and tools that you will obviously be employing. However, there are some indirect marketing tactics that may not look very substantial on face value but are really very effective in spreading a word around. Here I have discussed few of them:

Blogging – Internet has an ever-growing audience in all strata of society, professions and age groups. Blogging is one effective way of publicizing. You can offer blog entries as guest on already famous blogs, accompanied with your business’s name.
Place your Business Cards -It’s not just about having informative and catchy business cards and distributing them, but devising innovative ways of distributing them. Leave them in books in libraries or book stores; place them at crowded outlets to make more and more people aware of your name.
Telling Them Why You Are Good – Put down reasons why one should choose you over other and tell them to as many as you can through mail boxes, posts and banners.
Demos/Trainings – Offer free demonstrations or trainings your business relates to or in which you are proficient. This way people will appreciate your talent and efforts and will definitely remember you.
Distribute Calendars – These can contain monthly pictures, slogans and messages accompanying your company’s promotion. They can be distributed to existing clients, or left at outlets for people to pick up.
Public events – Taking part in a public event, presenting at the event or even sponsoring is a very effective way of public awareness and publicity.
Holiday Greetings – If your competitors not doing this, you will definitely stand out in eyes of your clients if you send out emails or greeting cards on occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New year.
Charity Donations – This effort makes clients feel very comfortable giving a sense of satisfaction as their business with you will be contributing to noble causes as well.
Organize Contests – Business relevant or even entertainment contests can promote your business as a lot of people will be attending them and will consider your business as a really happening one.
T-Shirts – What better than a mobile and permanent promotion item such as a t-shirt. Will surely incur some cost but will definitely be useful imbibing your name in people’s mind.
Partnerships – Burden of solely putting all the efforts can be shared by partnering with existing successful business entities especially when your businesses are complementary to each other. That ways you will help each other in business and promotion as well.
Blood Donation camps – Blood donation camps are really famous and successful events widely covered by media, newspapers, TV etc. What better way of communicating your presence out there.
Newspapers – No, it’s not just about newspaper ads. You can contribute with your articles or editorials simultaneously promoting your business.
Magazines – Again, you don’t have to buy ads there. You need to reveal information or knowledge which will drive people to turn to you for more.
Free Always Sells – Free products and services are always welcome and help in stamping your name in people’s mind. They will come back to you if you offer something really good and will be willing to pay as well.

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