Special Facts About the Disney’s Magic Kingdom


The Magic Kingdom is indeed the flagship of wonderful Walt Disney World Orlando. It is full to the brim of special things to see and do. Attractions like the haunted mansion are worth a second or even a third go, you just keep seeing new displays that you missed on your previous ride.


When last did you hear the spontaneous laughter of children? Well you are in for a treat if you go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom because the whole place is full of laughter, the kids giggle and giggle until they have no more giggle left, Mums and Dads laugh, at the kids laughter, its great to hear children having old fashioned fun. Special moments such as Brer Bear coming to gently pat you on the head or obscuring your eyes with his great big cuddly hand! It happens, when you least expect it.

Special moments happen all the time, just as you think you can’t get beat the last surprise up pops Mickey Mouse and his long time partner Minnie to greet you, go and shake Mickey’s hand, give Minnie a kiss on her cheek and then grab your autograph book, you will enjoy this very much, real childhood characters springing to life.


One of my special places is the Pirates of the Caribbean, join Captain Jack Sparrow on a journey on the high seas of yester year, fly the jolly roger on your own ship and be involved with the plundering pirates, sing Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me, believe me when you finally reach dry land after your epic trip aboard the good ship jolly roger you will come out fighting, sword in hand, black patch over your eye.

Ride a special magic flying boat and discover the boy who didn’t grow up! Peter Pan ride will have you flying through the sky, as you drift past highly realistic modern electronic automatons, the whole story will be brought to life right in front of your eyes.


Ride an old fire engine down main street USA or sit on a horse drawn tram down the same street, you will also catch a glimpse of your favorite Disney characters including Goofy, and Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Chip n Dale riding the fire engine down the main street, its highly atmospheric and with the noise from the engines horn honking as they drive past you, you will not be able to stop yourself from waving to these world famous characters.


Disney parades will have you cheering and jumping for joy, as all your favorite cartoon characters, dressed in their very special parade attire, march past you accompanied by the sound of an old fashioned brass band. The parades are full of action from start to finish, you may see the broomsticks from Disney’s fantasia or Cinderella dancing with her Prince, whets best and comes as a big surprise is the fact that you may just be asked if you want to take part in the parade.

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