Stop Panic Attacks


For those people who suffer from panic attacks you can often receive very little sympathy from your friends family and colleagues because nobody understands the anxiety panic attacks bring on and the actual causes of panic attacks. Anxiety and panic attacks very much go hand-in-hand but there are cures available and there are simple relaxation methods which can and do help in these difficult times.

There is no rhyme nor reason as to why an anxiety attack may come on although the symptoms are very similar in each event, dizziness, sweating, fuzzy head, possible claustrophobia and very often a need to get home. Psychologists believe that during and after panic attacks the victim very often needs to get home because this is their base and the only environment in which they feel safe. To many people panic attacks are brought on when they feel as if they have lost control or at the beck and call of others in specific situations. Very often it can feel as though the room is closing in on you and this affects your breathing, your heart rate and in some circumstances people have actually passed out.

Thankfully there are simple techniques and simple ways in which you can control your panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Those who have taken professional advice or read up on these tricky situations will be well aware of the “fight or flight” syndrome which is how your body and your mind reacts to certain situations. When under undue pressure your mind can become “wrongly wired” and a situation where you would normally stay and fight the need to leave the area can often be converted into a flight rather than a fight strategy in your mind.

Fight or flight is something which you will come across on numerous occasions as you look further and further into anxiety attacks and it is vital to understand exactly what is going on in these particular situations as the basis of fighting your own problems. Thankfully there are simple solutions, as crazy as it may sound, which involve breathing through your nose and your mouth and also inhaling and exhaling all the way down to your stomach. If you suffer from these particular conditions and do not worry because help is at hand and you are not alone.

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