Storksak Emily – Top Designer Diaper Bag Worn by Celebrities


Storksak Emily has proven to be one of the most successful and popular designer baby bags currently on the market. The simplicity of design and efficiency of functionality has proven itself repeatedly to the Moms (and Dads carrying for Moms) as well as to the company who engineered this essential Mommy companion. We have even heard Elisabeth Hasselback of The View recommend Emily as a Baby-Must-Have and for mothers to not leave home without it, with or without baby in tow. Stork Sak Diaper Bags has a history of excellent design and a loyal following so we decided to start this season with an overview of what has made Emily so popular.

Celebrity Storksak Emily Fans

Angelina Jolie has carried her black Emily with her around the world, Jessica Alba loves them so much she gave them away to the adoring audience on the Ellen Degeneres show, and Cam Gigandet, who donned his girlfriends Silver/ Pewter Emily while the young family went out for a stroll. So what has made this particular bag of all the baby bags available on the market the celebrity choice? The answer is simple. Stork Sak diaper bags are made from high quality materials designed specifically to endure the challenge of constant wear and tear, dirty diaper encounters, spilled bottle contents, and a loose wipe or two, while still performing as an attractive handbag/tote that any Mom or Dad would be confident in wearing.

Storksak Diaper Bags Have Fabulous Functionality

Looks are important, but functionality is critical in baby bags. Storksak Emily has all the major components necessary to keep Mommy and Baby happy for hours away from home. Stork Sak diaper bags all feature the padded changing mat, detachable inner make-up bag, cell phone pocket, multiple inner pockets, wipe clean lining, easily hangs from the stroller, gold toned hardware, and a zip top to secure all of the Baby and Mommy essentials. Our favorite feature, one that celebrities probably rely on the most, is the two external pockets that are lined with the designer’s signature thermo-insulated pockets that keep liquids for baby and mommy or daddy, cool or hot for at least 4 hours. This feature alone places these baby bags on a level above most others.

Storksak Emily Keeps Getting Better

Stork Sak designer bags just keep getting better. Emily is so popular with Moms everywhere, that it has been launched and re-launched to capture spring, summer, fall and winter fashion trends. The Silver /Pewter style was so popular that it sold out when it first arrived. This past spring, Emily was given new life in two floral patterns, subtly toned Bloom and Rococo. Now, new for Fall 2009, Emily is resplendent in luxurious chocolate leather, supple black leather with top stitching, and champagne foil. Storksak Emily began as a comfortable, easy to use, and lightweight designer nylon baby bag that could go anywhere in an easy and relaxed fashion. Now, Emily has become one of the biggest success stories of Stork Sak diaper bags.

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