Susan Boyle Cancel Her First China Show

.tags The second place in the Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle will not be giving her maiden concert in China on New Year’s Eve, according to the latest update posted on her fan website.

The 49-year-old singer, who has become an international celebrity and whose debut offering I Dreamed a Dream was one of the best-selling albums of the year, was said to have signed a contract with Jiangsu Satellite TV on Dec 14 and arranged her visa on Dec 17.

It is reported as saying the Scottish Grammy Award-nominated singer passed on two New Year galas in England to come to China, according to Shanghai Youth Daily

Boyle would perform three songs, dress in a qipao, try singing a little Mandarin and perhaps perform a yangko dance, a traditional folk number from Northern China.

The Thursday announcement on the “Fans for Susan Boyle” website said: “Susan Boyle’s management denies she will be in China on New Year’s Day 2011.”

It is always reported that someone who will be in China on New Year’s Eve is the irrepressible Sister Lotus, who used to be famous for her chubby figure and the S-shaped curves she could make with it, but who has latterly earned approbation for slimming down to a trim 50 kg.

She was in Shenzhen recently to accept the Internet Special Contribution Award at the 2010 China Internet Business and Commodities Fair. Dressed stylishly in a shimmering skirt exposing her shoulders, kerchief and fancy necklace, the Internet sensation was moved to tears by the award and a tribute video titled Sister Lotus Forever.

“Despite the discrimination and misunderstanding, you’ll get your reward from the fair-minded,” she told fans in her acceptance speech.

In Hong Kong, singer Joey Yung appears to be taking the mainland’s family planning policy one step further by saying she doesn’t want a baby. According to Beijing Times, she said a trim figure was more important than having a child and she was frightened of giving birth because she might not be able to lose weight afterwards.

Finally, because you can’t have too much love, here’s the story of Singaporean singer JJ Lin, who has finally admitted what we have known all along, that he’s involved with the model Lillian Chen.

Nicknamed “E-cup Belle” due to her ample curves, she’s been a frequent visitor to Lin’s pad in Taipei. The romance first came to light when Lin posted an “intimate” photo of the pair of them months ago, which caused a backlash among Lin’s fans.

Since then, Chen has been low-key about their relationship, while Lin has finally admitted he “likes her a lot” and called on fans and media to give them some space. As requested, we have given them a little space, in this column.

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