The Attractions In Seattle

.tags The city of Seattle is the provisional capital of Chicago and its fame is due to its huge buildings, its markets and its great financial centers in the world. The tourists from all over the world are attracted here because of its research centers, better quality of education, greater job opportunities and the famous recreational places. The city has a very large growth rate and is making progress everyday by leaps and bounds. All the presidents of different states want to develop friendly relationship with it to earn a mutual benefit.

The system of education is great and the students globally are invited to get education here. Only the high rank students can get admission here therefore at the end the universities succeed in producing great results. The labs here are fully equipped and well maintained and a great emphasis is made in the field of research. The faculty here is highly qualified. Because of high merit and better future prospects the students on international level are attracted towards it.

The currency of the city is dollars and in the names of currency it stands at the top rank. Its currency is highly valuable therefore the people from other areas come here and work to earn. In this way the countries growth rate increases every year therefore it becomes more and more famous and rich every time. There are a number of banks and the industries in Seattle which employ millions of people in their sectors and hence the employment opportunities are vast here. The major exports of the city are greater than the imports resulting in the earning of more wealth from other countries. Seattle is rich in the resources of petroleum and mines.

The city is also famous for its shopping centers and recreational centers. There are a number of markets in Seattle among which St. Lawrence market is the most famous. There are about millions of visitors here every week and especially the ladies love to shop from here. Other centres are Eaton Centre, queen centre and, Kensington Market; street west is among the first major shopping centers constructed in Canada.

Other attractions in the city include the Eton centre which is present in the centre of the city and it has a large number of shops in it. The commodities of almost all kinds are sold here at reasonable prices. The spendthrifts are mostly attracted towards it. The CN tower in the city is a very huge building and the visitors can have a birds eye view of the entire city by standing at its upper storey. The casa Lama is the most beautiful building in Seattle and there is a royal Ontario museum which is 6 storeys tall and all the antiques and real assents of states are preserved and presented here. The Centre Island is a small island where the people come to relax and cherish. They shop here and eat food in the restaurants and enjoy the weather here.

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