The Causes of Stretch Marks


For some people their skin is delicate and there can be many problems associated with it. One of these more common troubles are stretch marks. These marks can be found on the surface of the skin and is regarded to be a form of scarring that is caused when the dermis of the skin has been extended and torn.

Over a time period the scarring will lessen and for several individuals will lighten up. There are various treatments that individuals might use – which will help them to get rid of them or at least to diminish their appearance much quicker. But in order to know what they are and how you are able to treat them you have be able to discover them and realize what causes them.

Stretch marks may be caused by many contrasting things that we do. It is frequently the result of the skin stretching due to quick weight loss or weight gain, exercise, and hormonal variations inside of the body. Each of these things may cause the elasticity in the derma or the surface layer of the skin to become damaged and the skin to stretch beyond what is typical.

Pregnant women are the most vulnerable to these marks because their stomachs are growing and elongating at a quick rate in order to maintain the baby. Other people might also have them in their inside of their thighs, inner arms, underarms, buttocks, hips, and breasts. Many men will have stretch marks in their inner arms due to the amount of muscle building that they are doing.

The easiest way to recognize these marks is by the purplish and reddish lines that they make. Counting on the individual and what caused them these lines may be either thin and small or quite large and thick. When you touch them they will not hurt – but will be soft when touched. Over time they will usually brighten and become white which will blend it in with the healthy skin close to it.

When you have discovered stretch marks anywhere in your body it would be advised to know what may be causing them. For many individuals it might be genetic and though they are thin they may have small quantities of them. One of the better methods to avoid them is to drink a good deal of water to help improve the elasticity in the skin.

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