The HCG Diet Dr. Simeons Introduced: It’s Day 13 For Chad!


It is Day thirteen for Chad! Day thirteen for what exactly, you ask? Well, I can answer that question…he is on a diet. He is on the HCG diet Dr. Simeons released more than 50 years back.

The story goes a little something like this…Dr. Simeons was brilliant. And he was an endocrinologist. He designed and released a weight loss program based on the use of a natural product found in the human body: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). Pretty quickly after the program was released people started to refer to it as the cure for obesity. Why? Because it provided the opportunity for overweight and obese people to lose drastic amounts of weight in a short amount of time.

The HCG diet Dr. Simeons provided was HCG founded. The HCG was a necessity to be given consistently along with a VLCD. The VLCD limited the dieters to only 500 calories daily. Dieters were also required eat only foods listed on a short list of approved foods that Dr. Simeons designed to complement the HCG based dieting.  

And this is the self same dieting program that Chad is using right now to get drastic weight loss. He is, of course, hoping for drastic, successful results. And since drastic and rapid weight loss is the average result…he’s expecting it to actually happen! The diet is pretty tough. But Chad finds that if he follows the rules of the diet he actually gets results and it’s worth it. On Day thirteen he weighed himself first thing in the AM and was at 228 pounds. He went up half a pound.

But since he dropped substantially in the last few days he wasn’t shocked. Sometimes there was a day here and there that doesn’t show weight loss. Chad had just dropped a pound and a half the night before so he felt to go up half a pound today wasn’t that big of a deal. But he did look back at his weight loss journal and decide that he would be more careful with his servings of fruit.

He needed to start acknowledging the correct or incorrect portion sizes of the fruits approved on the program, but strictly limited as to size, number and/or weight. He had been making exceptions lately. Like he might have…two medium apples instead of one large apple or large strawberries instead of medium…stuff like that.

The HCG diet Dr. Simeons brought to us all has been around for over 50 years. But it wasn’t very accessible to the general public until the last few years. Recent advancements have made it far more affordable and more available. Before it was generally exclusive to the rich and famous at fancy resorts. And that’s just not fair!

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