The Need For Podcasting in Internet Marketing


The Internet has emerged to be a very useful medium of our times, having uses and applications that are changing with each passing day. There are many businesses that are using the Internet to establish their ecommerce activities and sell their products and services to a larger cross-section of people from across the world. Internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization is gaining in importance for driving the right kind of traffic to specific web sites. In Internet marketing, a wide variety of methods and techniques are being used creatively and with definite results. So, given this scenario, is there any need for podcasting?

But before we go any further, we need to be clear as to what podcasting is. Podcasting gets its name from the Apple iPod. But one does not have to own an iPod to create a podcast or listen to one. Podcasting is nothing but online media delivery, wherein selected audio files are published via the Internet. The users can subscribe through RSS feeds to receive the podcasts automatically. It is like owning your own radio station, and you are free to create your own online talk show. It is not a new technology; it is only that more and more people are now interested in this technology than ever before. More and more business owners are creating their own podcasts and using the same to strengthen their search engine optimization techniques.

The possibilities of using podcasting in the realm of Internet marketing are quite endless. One can use this medium to promote his or her products and services or acquaint the users to the launch of a new and exciting range. The pod casts can also be used to teach some special skills and connect with target audience more effectively. The appeal of a human voice is any day better than text advertisements; people can relate to the same and associate themselves with the products or the services that are being promoted.

It makes sense to use pod casting in Internet marketing with many people downloading a podcast and that too in different age groups. Apart from the tech savvy youths of today, individuals in the age group of 50 and above have also shown their preference for pod casts. These results are the outcomes of recent research; another interesting fact that has come up is that the people subscribing to RSS feeds to listen to pod casts belong to high income groups in most instances. This means that they are more likely to make purchases online.

One can use podcasting to reach out to a global client base in a cost effective manner. Small business owners can make the most of this new technology to reach out and increase the scope of their businesses. Individual can download pod casts and listen to them as and when they want to. The listeners can enjoy the podcasts when they are in a mood to do so; this ensures that they are more receptive to the product or the idea being talked about in the podcast and would take in the information in a positive frame of mind.

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