The Ten Truths About Internet Marketing


With internet’s power over millions and millions of people throughout the globe, we all seem to believe everything we read and find on the web. Internet marketing has made quite an impact on online businesses. But with everything that you read on the net, we sometimes wonder what’s true and what’s not. Here are 10 of some of the facts unveiled.

1. Make money overnight. Unless you won the lottery, this claim CAN’T BE TRUE. You need to exert effort and spend a lot of time before you can actually earn large amounts of money. Millions of marketers must have been millionaires by now had this claim been true.

2. Start your business with no money involved. For you to actually have a business, you need to shell out money, not matter how minimal the amount is. Nothing good comes for free. Never believe in this sales pitch.
3. You are your own boss. Definitely! You can work from your kitchen table with just your pajamas on and earn just the same. The best thing about internet marketing is that you have complete freedom to choose your own schedule, your own space, and your own task.

4. Your computer can be turned into a money making cash machine. NOT!!! This is but another familiar sales pitch. With this teaser, scammers tend to lure you into paying them what they say they will give you. Truth is, they give you nothing but scams.

5. You don’t have to do everything on your own. True. You are your own boss, right? You get to do only what you can. Hire someone to do what you can’t if you’re not good with technical stuff, find someone who is. If writing gives you headaches, look for someone who’s good at it.

6. Work from anywhere in the world. Yes, you can. Be it from the comfort of your own homes, some hotel room, or in just one of the countless internet cafes in wherever, you can do your thing. Remember that this is an online business and it is a global business. Having customers from all over the world, you need to be able to serve them from anywhere in the world, too.

7. You can become a millionaire on the internet. This claim has truth in it. You can indeed become a millionaire with internet marketing, there are numerous products and services on the web that made business owners earn 6-figure incomes. Be prudent, however, because this takes time and a lot of effort. You just can’t expect to become a millionaire when you wake up the next morning. You have to work hard for it.

8. You have to be an expert to be a marketer. LIE! You can start your own marketing business even without firsthand experience. You don’t have to be a genius to learn how. Research plays the key!

9. Sales letters must be standard. Scammers tend to lure you into buying what you’re not supposed to so their letters are mainly about just luring you. Beware of this because sometimes they just get so attractive that you’d want to believe in their claims.

10. Boasts, boasts, and more boasts. This is what typically scammers will give you. They bought this and that and went here and there. This is to get you into the trap. Truth is, real successful people don’t have to and won’t sing their own phrases.

These ten facts are just a fraction of the endless list of internet marketing truths but these are what you should most likely look out for. When you create your own internet marketing business, be careful with this. You might just be using this, too, without even intending it.

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