Tilly Bagshawe’s Characters Are Ready for the Cut Throat World


Reading is an adventure that doesn’t require you to buy a ticket, and Tilly Bagshawe is an author who understands all these facets of the reading world too well to let go an opportunity to entertain you. Her work entertains and inspires you at the same time, and some of her titles may command a second read as well. Others give you company when you sorely need one, whatever your case, we won’t blame you if you keenly wait for the next release of the author. Whenever you are ready to be transported to another setting altogether with Tilly, make sure you take your imagination along with you.

She Comes out Of the Sidney Sheldon’s Shadow


Tilly Bagshawe is already well known for having written her own continuation of Sidney Sheldon style of storytelling, and for those who don’t know about it, she is the independent author of the series being published now in Sidney Sheldon’s name. The plots she comes up with are just right for the cut throat world we are living in, and the stories conjured up by her are the ones which we all want to read about.

Started Her Career as a Headhunter


Tilly Bagshawe grew up in England, attended a Catholic Boarding School, and then went on to Cambridge University to study History and English. She started her first career as headhunter in London, and she went on to become a partner at the number one headhunting firm. She then moved to Los Angeles, to start her second career in writing. She started as a journalist for The Sunday Times and came up with her first novel, Adored, after about a year.

Discovered the Writer Within Gradually


Like scientists, she didn’t go through an ‘Ah ha’ moment when she suddenly discovered the writer in her. She gradually realized that writing was what she had always wanted to do after she felt burnt out in the high stress conventional headhunter job. Right from a young age, she had been a single mother, and initially all she could think of was surviving and earning. The fact that her sister was a novelist herself helped a lot, and one of her friends was a literary agent as well. All these converged together to their logical conclusion and Tilly Bagshawe came up with her first book.

Novels Set In Glamorous Settings


The first book, Adored, written by Tilly Bagshawe was set in glamorous setting of Hollywood and was a family saga. Her subsequent titles also had glamorous settings which were very popular due to their escapist fantasy style writing. Tilly Bagshawe says her second book Showdown was the most difficult to write because she had doubts about herself after the success of her first book. She doubted whether one book was all she could write.

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