Tissue Papers: Freshen up with Hygiene


Running an office requires the sending of a lot of parcels almost on a daily basis and a little bit more custom is surely welcomed. Tissue papers are good enough to give an additional cushioning to articles that are too fragile to pack otherwise. Bubble wrap is suitable for the cushioning, wrapping as well as void filling providing maximum protection along with minimum environmental impact.

Coloured tissue paper is the perfect example of tissue papers that can be used for gift wrapping as well as packing china, glass and other delicate products. It comes in a pack carrying five sheets of fuchsia tissue paper of 50x70cm sheet size. There is the tissue gift wrap collection, a range of twelve colour packs of non-bleed tissue papers that come in beautiful colours of white, light pink, blue, yellow, pink, green, red, hot pink, fuchsia, cream, lilac and turquoise of size – 50cmx70cm. Size 50x76cm of tissue paper rolls are the ideal choice when it comes to arts and crafts or gift wrapping.

A different kind of fully bleached tissue paper made from wood pulp that is acid free and that does not tarnish the product wrapped inside it comes in two common varieties. One of them of size 500x750mm comes in sheets that can be cut quite easily according to the size of the object concerned.  The other one of size 50x1000mm comes in 500 sheets per box.

Besides the regular papers that are used in offices, there are some special papers that are used to get particular jobs done the right way. The rag and non-rag tracing papers are generally used for graphic variations and visualizations. Sulfite that is another name for the non-rag tracing paper, is actually pulp made from wood. The expensive type, vellum is used in the final drawings and blueprints whilst the inexpensive, sketch is used in preliminary drawings. The rag tracing paper due to its oil and resin properties and components comes in a transparent form.

With the Internet you can search for the kind of papers and other products you need in quite reasonable prices to keep your office topped up.

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