Top 10 Masturbation Tips for Women

Top 10 Masturbation Tips for Women

I do not know about you, ladies, but I’m a big fan of masturbation! Perhaps he was told as a child that was bad or sinful, or maybe just feel a little “dirty” when you think about pleasuring, but I’ll tell you why you should masturbate. And to ensure you get the most out of it, I’ll share my favorite tips for women masturbation.
Let me start by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation. Everybody does. And why not? It is the safest and healthiest way sex. You have no risk of the disease, there is no risk of unwanted pregnancy, she does not worry for type lovin ‘and leavin’ ya ‘, and most importantly, you will have an orgasm.
Did you catch that last reason? Most women do not orgasm vaginal. That’s right: They orgasm by clitoral stimulation. While there are plenty of men who are good enough to know how to stimulate a woman’s clitoris correctly (orally or manually via), much of the time they do not.

I could go on and on about the benefits of masturbation, but I’ll save that for a different article. Let’s assume that you are convinced and move on to more practical matters: how to get out of yourself. Without further ado, here are my top tips for women 10 masturbation. These are proven, time-tested to ensure you have an incredible orgasm ways.

#1 Masturbate When You’re Alone
Women always tell me that they can not get when they masturbate because they are afraid that someone in the house will hear or walk on them. That’s a valid concern. The fear of getting caught too high or stop most of us to give our little “guilty pleasures.”
And that’s a shame. Orgasms can be timid.

#2 Watch (or Read) Porn

I’m a visual person and I think that makes a lot of porn appeal to me. I like reading and thinking in my mind, and I like to see. I am one of those women who really enjoy pornography. If you are new masturbation and new to porn, you may have trouble figuring out what your tastes in this area. It’s okay. You do not like anything at all.

#3 Wet Your Finger
When you are ready to begin, start licking your finger.
Licking her finger before clitoral stimulation is probably the closest to the feeling of oral sex through self-pleasure. In addition, moisture touching her clitoris actually stimulates get even wetter.

#4 Go Slowly and Then Build Up
Now that you have to pull the porn and licked his finger, what’s next? Well, now begin. With the tip of his finger, making small gentle circles on the hood of her clitoris.
See how you feel?

#5 Don’t Just Lie There
Most of us find that lying on your back flat, missionary style is the best way to masturbate.
But you owe it to yourself to change things from time to time. If you want another great position to try, get your hands and knees (also known as “doggy style”) and wanking in that position. Believe it or not, there’s something very primal and very, very exciting to be in that position and pleasure yourself.

#6 Try it With a Toy
Another tip is to try it for masturbation with a toy. The fingers are great, but vibrators and dildos can multiply the pleasure.
And who you say you have to do this alone? Arriving comfortable enough, you can even masturbate with your partner. Really: That clock. This will not only give you some exceptional visual stimulation, but will also teach you to touch you … without having to actually “teach”. Sneaky, huh?

#7 Try it in the Shower
Leg in the bath in the ocean view background indoor plumbing is one of the great inventions of modern man – and not just for the sake of cleanliness. You know that amazing real shower? Well, that’s about to become one of his greatest sexual pleasures. Adjust the water to your favorite usual warmth. Remove the shower head and place it near her clitoris. Leave the water play against your clitoris and enjoy.

#8 Use Heat and Cold
Of course, while you’re in the shower, you can always take advantage of the knob water temperature to change things a bit. Instead of using its normal temperature, make the water colder against her clitoris and see what kind of reaction you have. An ice cube rubbed on her clitoris during masturbation will have the same fabulous “numbing” effect.

#9 Don’t Force the “O”
If you are masturbating and feels like you’re getting nowhere, do not worry. There are many times you will not get out of yourself.
The important thing to remember is that if you are not able to reach orgasm, do not push. Forcing only make you more frustrated and make it more difficult to achieve orgasm next time.

#10 Use Both Hands!
Finally, the best tip I can give you is to use both hands. While one hand is happily playing in your private garden, let the other one explore. Grab your breasts and squeeze your nipples for added sexual pleasure. Caress your body. Run your free hand slowly up and down your skin. Brush your fingers lightly against your neck and the side of your face. Immerse yourself in your own beautiful sensuality.

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