Top 5 Remedies For Migraines – Be Free From Pain With These Recommended Remedies For Migraines


Have you tried looking for remedies for migraines that actually work? Here are 5 tips that will help with how to relieve migraine pain:

1. Lay down and relax, if possible.

If you’re at home and suffering from a migraine, lying down always helps. Relaxation alone is one of the best remedies for migraines, and can sometimes relieve a migraine by itself, or at least reduce the intensity. Try to take your mind off of the migraine and think about other things. If you keep focusing on the pain, it will only get worse.

2. Utilize the cool compress to your forehead.

This helps your blood vessels to compress and may bring down the swelling which induces the headache. One of the main sources of the pain in a migraine is the swelling of the blood vessels in your head. Less swelling means less pain.

3. Drink as much water as possible.

Water is crucial and may help preclude the source of migraine headaches. Eight glasses of water per day is suggested. One source of migraines could be simple dehydration. In any case, water is among the best remedies for migraines that helps to reduce the intensity of the pain.

4. Remove the cold compress and apply a warm heat pack.

This will get your blood running again. Once the blood vessels have stopped swelling, you need to get your blood pumping again so it can circulate normally. Switch to the heat pack after about 15 minutes, or when you feel the swelling start to go down. The combination of cold and heat has been proven to reduce or remove all kinds of pain (think of Icy-hot and similar products). This is one of the most successful remedies for migraines.

5. Get help and find a good migraine relief program.

If these tips don’t help, or if you’ve tried them before, you will need help from a professional who has experience in the area of migraines. Thousands of migraine sufferers have found relief with professional programs, and so can you. It is recommended that migraine sufferers follow a program with professional remedies for migraines in combination with the tips listed above.

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