Top Weirdest Roads Worldwide


Besides the main function to serve for transportation, roads also play a role as a colorful thread linking culture, nations, and humans together. Have you ever travelled in a road full of twists and bends, or enjoyed vastness of nature right on a historic road? The following roads all share a common feature that is unique identity we hardly find anywhere else.


Transfagarasan – Romania

Known as a birthplace of Dracula, the Carpathians own a 90km long road named Transfagarasan connecting Sibiu city and Pitesti. With 2,034 meters in height, Transfagarasan road is full of twists and bends.

The road amazed tourists not only with exotic landscape but also interesting season changing phenomenon from summer to winter and from the bottom to the highest point.


Grossglockner High Alpine- Austria

This is a link between two states, Salzburg and Carinthia, Austria. After traveling the whole road, you can enjoy 3 most famous natural wonders of the country, Hohe Tauern National Park, Grossglockner mountain and Pasterze ice river.

Grossglockner High Alpine stretches 48 km along with 36 bends and 2,504 meters in altitude.


Jebel Hafeet – United Arab Emirates

It’s a mistake to overlook Jebel Hafeet mountain road as the most impressive infrastructure in United Arab Emirates. Along the road, you can reach the mountain peak 1,249 meters above sea level.

Jebel Hafeet road (11.7 km) is considered a perfect one with 60 bends, a favorite destination for bravery drivers.


Atlantic Ocean Road – Norway

As a part of the national road 64, Atlantic Ocean Road links two villages, Karvag and Vevang. It‘s now on top list of the best roads in tourist destination in Norway.

The road is voted as Norwegian Construction of the Century.


Seven Mile – Florida Keys, US

The road name reminds you about the seven-mile-long bridge over Atlantic Ocean connecting two islands, Knight’s Key and Little Duck Key. Above  the sea level of 20 meters, the bridge allows boats to travel underneath and can bear winds up to 200 mph.

In April each year, it is closed within 2.5 hours for people to celebrate Seven Mile Bridge Run.


Timgad – Algeria

Built in the former Roman town of Timgad 100 AD, Timgad road is confirmed to be the ancient construction of Algeria so far.

At the road center is the 12-metre-high Trajan’s Arch. Tourists can enjoy engineering level of the ancient Romans after years in erosion.



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