Travel in dimension of Sustainable


But people will think that the country that met with the crisis will meet the new opportunity to make new invention.

So, process of improving the travel to be sustainable and have a quality will be to manage the travel in the direction of there should be. Therefore, they should not think before promote new products. It not only advertising and PR and stimulate the market but also forget to think that after the promoting finished what will be happen.

Because of after advertising was successes. People are gone away.  How we can do after that. For the lesson of travel that reflect to us about neglect tourist attraction is PP island that is beautiful island water is very clear like a grass but now everything change. Ayuthaya world heritage site in roughly.

It makes pollutions to your eye ever time that you see it. It not only the response of government because of the essential of response is occurring from tourist them self. So, that is the tourist will be the tourist that have a quality. Although, it not easy to reform to bring the best of travel to our country.

But we request to every people that concern are understand in nature culture native and mechanism that about travel. This is the way to develop our travel to be sustainable travel in finally. Like our reward “Thailand Tourism” that is pass away. This is one of process that supports our thinking and support the competition about the service in travel.

Including the involving with social and community is lift of travel tourism in Thailand. The border of idea is about the environment and global warming and the involving of sustainable economic theory. This will insert in ever decision of ever contest like the accommodation traveler guide community and tourist attraction.

This will lift up to be the international standard to every group that will concern about this issued. Finally, the quality of product and service will make an image of Thailand to be grown up to be the sustainable dimension.



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