Travelling To India ? The Best Three Destinations


India is a country which has been in constant demand by the travelers. It offers everything to the travelers whether it is high mountains, spectacular beaches, architectural temples, adventurous activities and even awesome cuisines. One can get anything he wants as per his traveling demands, in India. It is the place to be. The scenic beauty of nature rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. It offers everyone something or the other.

But it is impossible for a person to cover all the tourism destinations in India in one go. It can be explored slowly and steadily. One should not be in a rush to travel the spots since in India, traveling is fun when it is done by discovering the place and destination properly. So here is the list of the top destinations in India which can be explored by the tourists at any time of the year and are must to go. There are three most famous destinations for traveling in India. These destinations are regarded as must travel of north India.

Goa – it is called as the beach capital of the country. It is an International tourist destination. It is one of the most attractive places in the country. It is famous for its scenic beaches, blue water, shining sand and majestic churches. It is well known as ‘the pearl of the east’. It offers fabulous churches, vibrant festivals, warm hospitality, unique culture, delightful food and people full of life. Here the elements of the nature such as sand, sea and sun combine and fascinates the travelers. It attracts huge number of tourists and is one of the places to visit in India.

Kerala – it is known as ‘God’s own country’. It is world famous for its breathtaking scenic beauty and backwaters. Kerala is famous for its rich and diverse culture. With the Kerala tour packages it would be possible for people to come in touch with the various facets of Kerala and see it in a new light. Want to enjoy Kerala and its natural beauty? It offers a very warm welcome to the tourists. It is situated in south India on the Malabar Coast and is considered as paradise for the travelers. It gives ample options to the travelers to find their inner self. It offers a peaceful environment and many ways to relax yourself such as spa’s etc. Its backwaters and greenery offering a scenic view captivate the tourists. . In Kerala, sea, land and sky come as one to charm the tourists there.

Darjeeling is situated in West Bengal and is known for its tea plantations and beautiful scenic views. It is also known as the queen of the hill stations and is a major attraction for tourists. It’s fascinating waterfalls and a hill view grabs the attention of tourist from all over the world. The months of March – May and September – November are the best to visit the beautiful city of Darjeeling. The Ghoom is the one of the best places to be visited there. The first light of the sun in Darjeeling simply mesmerizes the travelers.

So whenever traveling to India, mark three places for sure in your list.

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