Treatment For Acne at home


Treating acne at home enable you to regulate your activities to suit your schedule and alter your food to suit your body requirements. If you have a busy work schedule, identify personal time on a daily basis to include private conversations with your loved ones time for exercise and meditation. Transform your life and that of others with a sense of purpose.




Get trained by a qualified yoga practitioner and start practicing yoga in your house to the light strains of a musical instrument in the background. Yoga postures should be done after full-fledged breathing exercises to rejuvenate the body. Learn the series of postures necessary to clear the bowels. These will be taught only after you have shown your adeptness in following yoga practices. If your lifestyle allows little time for a full session of morning stretching exercise, carry out the breathing exercise and learn the exercise that you can do as you sit at your table. The meditation and breathing techniques of yoga are a sound treatment for acne that heals your body from within.


Food plan


Make a food plan to include a body cleansing regimen that has you up to a warm glass of water to which ginger juice, lime and honey have been added in equal measure. Incorporate salads and fruits as separate meals. If you find that raw salads lead to a feeling of discomfort, immediately switch to boiled vegetables and soups. Avoid mixing fruits at a time. Ensure that you consume good quality food every two hours. If you love fried or sweet food, allow yourself a small bowlful once in a fortnight, or preferably once a month. Remember, oily foods will worsen your acne. Food planning is a good treatment for acne and demands will power to be exercised to be successful.




Do you find yourself getting stressed by the demands of the job or studies? Give yourself a holiday. How do you like to spend your time? Trekking, going to the beach, painting, reading and any activity that keeps you mentally and physically involved is a good way to rejuvenate yourself. Host a party for your close friends and arrange games that leave all of you rolling in laughter. These moments of intense activity with low emotional turmoil are an essential treatment for acne in a fun way. Look back in time to recall the moments you have been really happy, almost at peace.


Help others


You have tried and tested a number of ways to manage this skin condition and know exactly how it feels. Get associated with sites where you can share your experiences with others who are exploring options of treatment for acne. Doing this allows you to come across different attitudes, research more about the condition and dispel notions that people have about acne. The involvement is rewarding as you find that your inputs help others to view their problems in a larger perspective that can be life transforming.


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