Try Alternative Holiday Ideas


Are you bored with your usual holiday? As many people are now choosing to stay within the UK for their holidays and breaks, more inventive options are appearing as low cost alternatives to package holidays abroad. My top tips include:

1. Free Stay in hotels! Travel Offers ( is a company offering the opportunity to stay for free at a number of delightful hotels across the UK and Ireland. What’s the catch I hear you ask? Well, there isn’t one! Members of Travel Offers can stay for free at over 330 Hotels, paying only for their evening meal and breakfast. Membership starts at just £39.95 for a full 12 months for two people. Membership allows you to stay at as many cheap hotel rooms as you like across the UK including hotels in Devon, Cheshire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales.

2. Camping may be something you may not have seriously considered before but how about “glamping”? Campsites are now more luxurious than ever and many people are choosing this option as a way to holiday near to the coast without spending a fortune, especially in high tourist seasons.

3. Hire your own motor home for the ultimate in freedom and adventure. If you wish to travel around several areas of the UK why not consider hiring your very own motor home or even relive your youth and hire a VW Van!

4. Youth Hostels are not what they used to be! Many now provide private rooms and en suite facilities in some of the best locations in the UK.

5. Consider a house swap. Across the UK, many people are signing up to house swap websites which allow the opportunity to experience life living in a different location, if you have ever fancied a cosy country cottage for a week instead of your usual city pad then this money saving option may be for you!

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