Tunde Nightingale ~ “The Original ‘Owanbe’ Sound” (Vol.1 Side 1)

Tunde Nightingale ~ “The Original ‘Owanbe’ Sound” (Vol.1 Side 1)

song: “The Original ‘Owanbe’ Sound” (Vol.1 Side 1)
artist: Tunde Nightingale

Foundation Juju. Long out of print.

Tunde Nightingale was perhaps the first musician to become a hit performer playing juju in the post World War II period. His particular spin on juju was known as “s’o wa mbe” (is it there?), a slightly risque reference to the beads worn by women under their clothes to make their dancing more sensuous. ~ Leon Jackson, All Music Guide

Born in Ibadan in the 1920s, his contemporaries included Ayinde Bakare, I. K. Dairo and Dele Ojo. Nightingale was credited with the Owambe system, which was popular among Lagos socialites, who eagerly sponsored him on a tour abroad. When he returned, he signed with the TYC label and recorded over 40 albums in his career. Modern stars like King Sunny Ade and Queen Ayo Balogun continue to be influenced by his style. Apart from the fact that he “sounded,” literally, like the proverbial singing bird, “Nightingale,” he also kept a live Nightingale bird in his home. ~ Wikipedia

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