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By gabork on 2004-09-04 10:30:08

Twitter does in fact provide people with an almost fail proof chance to find out what it is that all the customers are saying about their products and get back to them about those products. Even with this marketing tool it is still a very challenging, time consuming job, for a corporation to find out all the perfect in and out angles to work with twitter marketing. Alot of different brands seen when looking at Twitter, seem a little bit too preppy and stilted at this same moment there are companies that wholly seem interested in keeping Twitter as only a single-sided PR channel. There is also the more and more pressing issue of sneaky corporations checking on unsuspecting customers and giving out feedback to their complaints about brands. Twitter also enables anyone and everyone, including all companies, to throw out short text updates to circles of viewers who have decided to “follow” their updates.

Monitoring the count of profiles they’re following, the count after them, and the count of totally updates, King pointed out all the known companies that use Twitter. Zappos topped the list following 10,598, with 10,583 followers, and 945 updates Comcast was in second on the list following 3,116, with 3,071 followers, and 11,753 updates. Dell was third on the list following 1,747, with 1,638 followers, and 2,936 updates. H&R Block fell forth following 797, with 593 followers, and 253 unique updates. JetBlue was also on the list following 3,749, with 3,874 followers, and 237 annual updates. Followed by Kodak following 449, with 373 followers, and 484 updates and Southwest following 2,735, with 2,605 followers, and 848 updates.

Twitter Marketing is a great way for large corporations and small businesses to get their name out there. It is essentially a free advertisement wave. Think about how much companies pay to place an advertisement on air on t.v. or on the radio. Place your advertisements in the correct areas on the web and you will have viewers stampeding your URL. Twitter has tags and categories that make it easy to market in a appropriate and suitable area that pertains to your product. This in a way guarantees that any traffic generated to your sight through twitter marketing, will in fact be interested in what you offer. Twitter allows you to reach these same customers via the Internet at no charge. There is no reason not to try twitter marketing. There is nothing to loose. You will either get great publicity off of twitter marketing or you won’t.

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