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The human body consists of more than 75% water, and as we all know we can not live in water. The fact is that we can survive, for a total of 3 days no water. The water, however, in most programs of soft drinks and other sugar, soft drinks replaced. Remember that water is a healthy and necessary for you to better health and longevity.

Personal needs for water can vary greatly due to exercise, weight and temperature. Research has shown that 2 / 3 of adults do not get the water they need on a daily basis. With the water at regular intervals, you can refresh your body and keep it well hydrated and working as it should.

Most of us wait until you are thirsty before drinking water. Keep in mind, this path is not a reliable measure of water demand for the body. When you’re thirsty, you already lost more than the provision of two cups of water in the body. Therefore, drinking water is often much better than just wait for you thirsty.

It is very important not to take the place of alcohol and drinks containing caffeine for water. The reason is that these types of beverages act as diuretics and can make you lose more weight through increased urination. You can think and feel as if you have more water in these beverages, but the fact that you are disappointed that go almost as fast as they consume.

Whenever practical, we need more water. By sweating, the body loses a lot of water. For every pound lost through exercise, you should drink 2 cups of water. Even if you went to sleep, the body loses water. Works with a glass of water or more before you can wake up your body likes to go to sleep.

It should become more clear if you were sick, to use more water than all other sectors need. If you have a cold or flu, your body becomes dehydrated very quickly. You can help by drinking water in most cases, when by ill.

There are many mixed opinions on the subject of purified water will actually offer an advantage. It is a question that should have the freedom to explore how to determine the best type of water for themselves.

Always make a habit of drinking water each day. You should keep a bottle of water with him at all times and drink all day. You should also get in the water instead of other beverages, which can not develop, the nutrients your body needs to drink.

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