Weight Loss Exercise – Training For Weight Loss Sucks


Are you sick and tired of constantly worrying about how many calories you have burned, how much fat your losing, and not being motivated to workout? I have been there, and done that. That is why I think training for weight loss sucks. In fact, I don’t train for weight loss, and neither do any of my clients. However, we still achieve our fat loss goals.
If you are tired of training for weight loss, then I have just the solution for you: train for performance.
Instead of doing weight loss workouts, train to increase your performance and the weight loss will be a pleasant side effect. Train to increase your strength, run faster, jump higher, anything!
I have done this myself and with all of my clients. Instead of trying to lose fat, we focus on getting stronger or just beating our previous performances. Yes, ladies, you can and should get stronger, and no you will not get big and bulky. On our quests for improving performance we have developed our best aesthetic bodies yet. Not to mention, working out is actually fun.
If you focus on improving your performance, you will constantly be forcing your body to do more work than it is used to. This will inevitably lead to weight loss, and in a much more fun way.
One of the easiest ways to train for performance is to increase the weight you use for exercises or do more reps with the same weight. Also, make sure you are doing big, compound movements. Examples include squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups, overhead presses, dumbbell rows, chin-ups, and all their variations. Yes, ladies, you should be doing all of those exercises. Stay off the machines; they won’t get you to your goals quickly.
Using pink dumbbells and doing “toning” exercises will not get you any closer to your goals. Stop listening to that BS and start training smart. I guarantee you will build the body you desire without getting big and bulky. This is tried and true, and it will work for you, too.

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