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Title: Annual announcement of the Dental School of Harvard University
Year: 1868 (1860s)
Authors: Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Subjects: Harvard School of Dental Medicine Harvard School of Dental Medicina
Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University
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be combined with studies leadingto a degree in Public Health, Health Policyand Management, Public Policy, or Biomedi-cal Research. In some cases, clinical specialtytraining may be followed by a programleading to the M.D. degree and an appropri-ate medical internship. All advanced degreeprograms at HSDM and other schools of theUniversity require admission by the respectivecommittees on admission. Students whograduate at the end of the fifth year receive theD.M.D. and have completed the first year ofof specialty training. In addition to specialty programs offeredwithin the School of Dental Medicine,postdoctoral programs in the form of hospital-based residencies are available throughHarvards affiliated teaching hospitals. Theseinclude: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery(Massachusetts General Hospital);Periodontology (West Roxbury VA MedicalCenter); Prosthetic Dentistry (VA BostonOutpatient Clinic); General Dentistry(Brigham and Womens Hospital and WestRoxbury/Brockton VA Medical Centers). 14

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Research Harvard School of Dental Medicine considersthe generation of knowledge to be an integralpart of the training of future leaders in thefield of dentistry. In recognition of this goal,predoctoral students are required to exploreand develop interest in a relevant special field,resulting in the completion of two separateresearch projects within the five yearcurriculum. During the first year at HSDM, the student isaided in selecting a research sponsor in anappropriate area of biomedical research or inhealth care delivery research. Over the nexttwo years, the student is encouraged toparticipate in research experiences which forma foundation from which the student developsand presents a research proposal towards theend of the third year, then submits andpresents the results of that research at the endof the fourth year. Students who have made significant progressin their research during the first four years ofthe five year program are in a favorableposition to apply to public and pri

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