Womens Fashions: Buying The Right Trousers

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By Texas Heart Institute on 2011-06-11 07:56:59

When it comes to buying trousers, women can find the task extremely daunting, there are so many considerations to take account of, that it is easy to become overwhelmed.  Some questions that all women need to ask themselves when buying women’s trousers include: what colours suit me? What size should I buy? Do I buy tailored trousers? Should I buy denim?  As you can appreciate, the questions are many and many women purchase trousers that they do not suit because they have neglected to consider certain key issues when purchasing their clothes. The consequence is that they walk away with clothes that do not suit them, at least, not as well as another pair may suit.

When buying women’s trousers, the most important consideration is size, wearing a pair of trousers that are not well fitted can have an enormous impact on your appearance.  Tight trousers are uncomfortable, and will frequently cause a bulging effect, that is not very attractive.  Wearing trousers that are too baggy can make a person appear larger than they are – for many women this is something they wish to avoid.  The best way to ensure fit, and to know the exact size that you should be wearing, is to try the trousers on.  A good fit will allow a little give at the waist, enough to comfortably fit your thumb, no more and no less, you should not be able to feel any pinching around the hips or thighs either, a little give is essential.

Next, you must ensure that you purchase the right style, both in terms of the occasion for which they are being purchased, and in terms of current fashion trends.  Formal occasions require high quality trousers, generally in a block colour, such as brown or black, and with few embellishments. For less formal occasions, then fashion should be the main consideration, choose stylish trousers that are up to date – remember, not all fashion trends will suit your body shape, so choose a fashion that does.  If in doubt, research online what the latest trends may be, and whether they suit your body shape.

Colour is also a consideration of which to take account.  Depending on your skin tone and your shape, some colours will suit, and some will not.  In general, black suits most people, it is a fantastic colour for creating a slimming effect, so for women that worry about their appearance looking a little podgy, then black is the perfect colour.  The reverse is true of white, never wear white trousers if you feel self-conscious about your body shape – although, white is ideal for taller women wishing to look shorter.

When buying  women’s trousers, it is important to research which styles, cuts and colours will suit you.  When undertaking your research, make sure that you consider your body shape, your skin tone, your tastes, and the current fashions.

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