5 Great Uses For Wood Chips

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By Rooney Dog on 2014-03-25 13:20:26

Recycling old and unused trees, branches and bushes using a chipper shredder is a great way to add an extra feature to your garden or back yard without too much effort. Chipping the wood into smaller pieces and then using them in a variety of different ways is a great idea, environmentally friendly and it also looks great too!

1. Use the wood chip to cover your flower beds to give an attractive and functional look to your garden. Adding wood chip around the soil and up to the roots and stems of plants and flowers will help bring out the color of the petals and leaves but also provide a great natural barrier against frost, insects and the elements. The wood chip will also help trap moisture neat to the roots of the plants, helping feed them.

2. Wood chip is great to use on play areas where kids and teenagers can let loose their energies without fear of hurting themselves. Spread roughly 4-5 inches of wood chipping onto the ground near any play equipment, which will act as a good method of helping stop too many bumps and bangs.

3. In the same way that wood chip helps plants when spread around the soil where they are growing, you can also do the same to flower pots and hanging baskets too. If you are being really outrageous, you can even dye the wood chip with a wood stain or watered down environmentally safe paint – which will add an extra wow factor to your garden.

4. Laying wood chip down onto paths is also a great money saver if you don’t relish the thought of paying out for bags and bags of gravel. Just make sure that you get finely chipped wood for this as it will look tidier and neater.

5. Adding your wood chips to your mulch or compost is a great way to boost the content and quality of your recycled waste feed. Simply soak the wood chipping for several days to allow it to become soft before throwing it in with the other garden waste. It will break down with all of the other composted plants over time, but may take a little longer.

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