An Orlando Divorce Lawyer’s Role


Going to an Orlando divorce lawyer is essential for an Orlando resident who may feel that his or her marriage is not working out and a divorce is the best option. This is because a divorce lawyer will provide them guidance on what has to be done and how so.

The role played by a divorce lawyer is not always duly appreciated, as most people do not realize that without legal advice, the already traumatizing experience can shatter a person to bits.

What Is The Need?

Just like an Orlando resident whose finances are about to hit rock bottom needs to consult an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer, an Orlando divorce lawyer is what a person really needs if the need for a divorce arises. Apart from having all the necessary know-how of the divorce laws of Orlando, Florida an Orlando divorce lawyer will also help the client weigh his or her options in light of all the provisions this law offers. For instance, many people do not even consider mediation as an option although it can be a means of saving both time and resources.

Help: Where And How?

The family lawyer is the person that a person turns to whenever faced by a legal problem, as he or she can be trusted to provide sound and honest advice. However, the role of the family lawyer is usually negated in divorce case. Just as an Orlando immigration lawyer fighting the case of a friend, family member or even neighbor can be expected to be bias, the same is the case with a family lawyer handling a divorce case. Though the bias factor is mostly eliminated, the fact remains that advising both spouses is unethical.

This can be a setback for people who were counting on the trusted services of their family lawyers but they do not need to fret, as there is a lawyer referral service that has the sole purpose of forwarding details of a client’s case to lawyers that may be able to thoroughly handle the particular demands of a case. This is an extremely useful service as not only does a person get an Orlando divorce lawyer that can handle the specific requirements of his or her case but the lawyer will also be able to provide him other alternatives such as mediation or simplified dissolution of marriage.

What Are The Costs?

People often incorrectly assume that divorce proceedings can be expensive business. While this may not be completely wrong, the amount of fees depend on the nature and complexity of the case, as the longer the case is in court, the higher the fee an Orlando divorce lawyer is entitled to. However, it is crucial to mention that that an Orlando divorce lawyer, or any other for that matter, cannot be contracted on a contingency basis, in which the lawyer gets a percentage of the money awarded by the court. Therefore, it is important to perform a thorough research and then select one professional and experienced lawyer to handle your divorce case.

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