Conveniences and Features of Tankinis For Women


Tankini bathing suits are a unique style of bathing suit. They combine the coverage of tank style tops with the comfort of bikini style bottoms. Although tankinis are a two piece swimsuit, they offer women who are somewhat apprehensive about wearing swimsuits the opportunity to get back on the beach and enjoy the summer with their family and friends. Not all tankini swimsuits have a tank style top. In fact some have a band called a bandeau and other are halter style tops.

The tops and bottoms are sold separately so it is easy for ladies to get the exact fit they are looking for. Some tankini bathing suits are sold as one complete suit but these are generally the one piece suits. Tankinis can be one piece suits as well. They are designed for plus size women who want full coverage without the worry of bottoms slipping down. These are some of the features that have made the tankini the most popular swimwear in the world.

The convenience of the tankini has helped make it the most popular style of swimwear. You get the coverage of a one piece suit with the convenience and comfort of a two piece. The tops are designed to come to or slightly above the top of the bottoms. This allows ladies the ability to cover their tummy completely or allow a little bit to show. The bottoms can be found in various lengths and styles including shorts, bikini, briefs and high cut legs.

Other features include underwire for support in the bust and a bandeau style that combines the looks of a tube top with different style bottoms. There are actually two different styles of underwire tops for tankini bathing suits. One is the traditional style and the other is a floating underwire that is inserted in a shelf bra top. The floating underwire prevents pinching and poking when women are participating in beach or water activities.

Finding women’s tankini bathing suits is easy. You can find them at any local apparel retailer who sells beach wear as well as boutiques and resort shops. Some surf shops carry a variety of women’s swimwear that is appropriate for surfing and other water sports. Plus size tankinis may be a little more difficult to find but should be available at most plus size shops for women. Not all plus size shops will carry a wide variety but name brands should be available.

Another option for finding women’s tankinis is to go online and do a general search. There are a vast number of online retailers who offer a huge assortment of tankinis in almost every shape and size. Be aware that some designer brands are only available from selected retailers so you may want to do a search on the designer brand you are looking for. Most online retailers give you a detailed description of the bathing suits available as well as pictures of the suit from different angles as well as a variety of colors.

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