Become a Master of your own Destiny


It is now a proven fact that this universe operates within a perfect system of natural laws.

One of the most universally recognized of these laws is the Law of Gravity. According to the law of gravity, we all know that if you walked off the roof of a 12 story building anywhere in the world, you’d go “splat” on the sidewalk, whether you understood this law or whether you believed in it. The law would prevail

Similarly, there are many other natural laws operating in our marvelous universe, one of which is the “Law of Positive Expectancy”.

In other words, whatever you think about all the time, with emotion, MUST be brought about in your outer world

For example, when you get a great idea, and dwell on it, plan it and get excited about it, you activate the universal forces which will draw in opportunities, people and resources to help you achieve your goal.

However the opposite is also true. When you start having fear or worry thoughts and dwell on them and visualize the worst possible outcome you are using the same universal forces to bring about exactly what you fear because what you think about expands and becomes your reality.

Therefore you owe it to yourself to always monitor your thoughts. Become a “mind policeman”.

Whenever you start thinking fear or worry thoughts, STOP!!

Ask yourself these questions:

How can I improve this? .

What can I learn from this? .

Is there an opportunity here?

As soon as you change your negative self-talk into positive, you change your vibrations and you change what you are drawing into your life . . because THAT IS THE LAW.

We are always engaging in self-talk. Consider the following situation: You see a possible opportunity and you say to yourself…

This looks like a great idea!” (positive)

“But what if I try and it doesn’t work?” (negative)

“Still, it looks too good to pass up!” (positive)

“OK, but I can’t do it right now, I’m too busy…. or.. I wouldn’t know where to start…or..I’m not smart enough,. or …etc.” (negative)

Wouldn’t this be better self-talk?

“This looks like a great idea!” (positive)

Let’s write down all the pros and cons so we can evaluate the idea properly” (positive)

“It looks too good to pass up!” (positive)

“Let’s make a plan, work out what needs to be done and take a first step” (positive)

You can easily see that the second course of action would be more effective than the first in moving you towards your goal.

The important thing is that we have been given free will. We don’t have to follow the pattern that we learned from our parents or that we picked up over the years.

If we are habitually harboring negative thoughts or fears, then we must make some changes in order to improve our lives. The problem is that we have been given this marvelous brain which is many, many times more efficient and capable than the best computer that man can build and no-one gave us an operating manual.

We owe it to ourselves to learn HOW to push the right buttons in our brains and create the reality that we deserve.

Let’s become masters of our own destiny

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