Caravan holiday checklist: Weekends away in the UK


First on your list should be an awning. If you don’t already own one then it’s worth considering as a purchase, particularly if you are looking to use your caravan all year round. A good awning gives you extra shade from the sun and shelter from the rain, as well as effectively doubling your living space. They can be used as an extension of your caravan for meals and relaxing, or simply as a spacious storage area for muddy boots and bicycles.

Remember that if you intend on going away during winter months, when severe rain or wind could occur, then be careful about when you put up the awning as they are can be susceptible to storm damage. Also, check that your caravan insurance covers your awning and any damage it does to the caravan if there is a storm, as many companies exclude storm damage to awnings.

Second on your list should be the barbecue, preferably a gas one which can be run from a spare gas bottle or your caravan’s external BBQ connection point if one is fitted. Even during spring and autumn months, providing it isn’t raining, a BBQ is a great way to cook as it means less mess inside the caravan and generally creates less washing up.

Another useful thing to bring along is a UK attractions guide, it means you’ll get the most out of the area you’re visiting and generally there will be listings of things that can be done on rainy days, particularly useful if you have children. For the adults in the group a pub guide is a great caravan staple – “The Good Beer Guide” by CAMRA has a list of the best pubs up and down the country and is revised and updated every year.

For many caravanners a bike is a must have all year round. Cycling is a great way to get around your caravan campsite and the surrounding area, plus it means you’ll spend less money on fuel and helps to keep you fit. Bicycle car racks are simple to fit and enable you to carry a number of bikes easily, just be sure that if the rack is for the back of the car that it can be used whilst towing your caravan. Alternatively use old duvet covers to encase your bikes and store them inside the van during transit.

Plus, travelling around by bike means if you do spot a nice pub for lunch someone doesn’t have to go without a drink with their meal – just don’t have too many or the ride home may be a little wobbly!

Last, but by no means least on your list, should be a portable TV, preferably with a built in DVD player. The DVD player is a great idea as it means that you’ve got something to watch if the weather takes a turn for the worst and the aerial reception isn’t too good.

On a rainy day a TV and a stack of DVD’s can be a life saver for those travelling with children, but just remember that there are plenty of attractions in the UK for a wet weather day so be sure to get out there and enjoy yourself as well!

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