Choosing Activities For Your Hen Weekend


What to do on a hen weekend

Sometimes planning a hen weekend can feel as complicated as planning the actual wedding! There’s so many different things to arrange and think or and nowadays there is so much choice of what to do! It can seem overwhelming, but in a good way that you have so many different activities, styles and themes of hen weekend to choose from. In this article we’re going to look at some of the things to think about when choosing what to do on your hen weekend in the UK.

Where to go

The UK has some fantastic locations for hen weekends and each destination brings with it its own unique fun for your hen weekend. Have a think about whether you want to tear up the town and party until dawn, or you might want a holiday feel break by the sea. Great locations for partying the night away include London, with the added bonus of all the fantastic sightseeing opportunities of the nation’s capital, or perhaps you want a big night out in Birmingham which is handy to get to if your hen party girls are scattered around the country. Further north you have some brilliant cities like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool which all make for popular hen party locations. For sea and beach breaks you might want to consider Bournemouth, Blackpool, Torquay or Brighton which attract high numbers of fun-seeking visitors throughout the year.

What to do during the day

The hen party industry is booming, which is great news if you’re planning for a hen party because it means you have plenty of activities to choose from, and we all know how us women like plenty of choice! Choosing a daytime activity is important to make sure everyone in your hen group has a good time, so first think about the personalities of the people you’re inviting as well as your own interests.

Indulgent activities

A popular theme for hen parties is to be indulged and pampered and why not? Get away from the stresses of day to day life and choose a pamper session in a spa where you might enjoy a facial, massage or other beauty treatment. Perhaps you’d like something luxurious but a bit more interactive, in which case perfume making or chocolate making could be perfect for you and the girls.

Action activities

Want to get the blood pumping and your adrenaline racing? Some girls fancy doing something completely out of the ordinary that they’ll remember for years to come. If this sounds like you, why not consider a cheerleading experience or pole dancing lesson where you will learn the moves and routines of these exotic professions? Or if rough and tumble is more your style, why not throw on some overalls and take on a mud buggy experience or a quad biking trek with you and the girls!?

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