Eye Problems And Eye Diseases

{flickr|100|campaign} Some of the eye problems are very common and almost every one suffers with it. Eye problems can occur due to so many reasons. Generally, the problems that results in eye illness are related to environmental pollution, air dust particles, some sort of allergies, medicinal reaction etc. Some problems are mild and can occur suddenly. The problems that are general are eye twitching, redness of eyes, tired eyes, itching inside the eyes, tearing from eyes due to cough etc. The eye twitching and itching is very irritating. Many times, they occur due to any other health problems or any kind of allergies and even some exposures to harmful toxins. If some one is suffering with any kind of stress or fatigue he/she can have red eyes, however, the red eyes can also occur in other health conditions. A very common eye problem occurs especially in the winter, where the eyes may look little swelled and red., the eyes may also discharge water. The seasonal pink eye or conjunctivitis is also a very common eye problem.

Nevertheless, there are a number of eye diseases that have severe consequences and even a complete vision loss. Among all, the eye disease Cataracts is well known. This infection mostly happens in children either during birth or in a very early stage of infancy. The disease infects the inner and outer part of the eye lenses. The other is Glaucoma. The disease damages the optic nerves and leads to blurred vision or a vision loss. It gives pressure in the inside fluid of the eyes. Glaucoma can be closure glaucoma or Primary Open angle Glaucoma or POAG. The Macular degeneration like the dry macular degeneration and the wet dry macular degeneration are other category of eye infection. These categories of eye disease also lead to vision loss.

Eye diseases can also occur due to many types of disorders. This can be disorder in the eyelids, conjunctiva, sclera and iris, lens, retina, choroid etc. These kinds of disorders can occur since the birth or due to other type of illness in the human body. The eyes can also have disorders in the visual pathway and the optic nerves. Many types of sexually transmitted disease like Chlamydia, Herpes Simplex etc, can also affect eyes. Some diseases like Diphtheria, thyroid, Leprosy, diabetes and meningitis can also create eye diseases. Cancer and tumors are the most severe eye problems among a large number of patients.

In a way of treatment for severe eye diseases, the physical experts prescribe drugs and eye drops for relaxation in the uneasiness. Later, they go for laser or radiation therapy. Some times the physicians also treat the eye diseases through surgery. However, there are number of home remedies and natural herbs that can treat mild eye problems. Some drops of rose water, water soaked with fennel seeds, some drops of sesame oil can give a good relaxation. If some pieces of cucumber can be placed on the eyes, they can give extreme feeling of coolness and they are good to treat many of the Eye Problems and Eye diseases like allergies or any kind of medicinal reactions.

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