Fashion And Food

By Michael Stern on 2014-11-18 18:19:14
tags In recent years however there have been many campaigns for good and balanced diet and efforts were admirable fashion houses in the proposed models are not too inaccessible for thinness. From the Nolita campaign that many will remember years ago ‘against anorexia, many other initiatives we have been involved professionals of the industry who have shown their commitment not only in their work but also by promoting lifestylesand healthy and balanced diet with cross-cutting initiatives.
The latest campaign is antianorexia and coincide with fashion week in Milan and is entitled “Food is fashion and health,” nothing more suitable in the very country where food and good and healthy and where there are many restaurants also offer services such as lunch for use on any occasion.

The plan for this campaign was produced by Federico Gordini, event manager of numerous culinary events among them the Milan Food Week, and the Assem that is the association which represents nearly 90% of agencies that deal with female and male models not only in Milan but throughout Italy. The recipients of the campaign are mainly teenagers, but children are increasingly victims of eating disorders, which are more susceptible to being influenced by these models of leanness. The campaign will run through the distribution of the cloth bag containing food of Italian origin totally wholesome and healthy like apples, grain, pasta, olive oil and chocolate to all professionals, especially for models. In addition to encouraging good nutrition initiative aims to disprove the stereotype that fashion is it that the cause of many common eating disorders among these children and young people, stereotype refuted by numerous events and initiatives involving original in this area perhaps quite extensive.

The campaign incorporates a fundamental principle that food should not be eating that much but eating good wholesome and healthy products that can be offered in a particular way and refined through several restaurants all around Italy. Each region in fact has its own traditions and their own recipes, but there is no doubt that a new generation of chefs and specialists are working to create dishes that go back to the tradition but in a light, but useless without providing too much fat recipes that can be appreciated by those who want to maintain the line.

In this evaluation, namely that in revisiting traditional recipes in light version, many have specialized food critics through blogs and magazines that give reviews of restaurants, original recipes and prizes for those able to innovate and experiment, leaving intact some food items. Waiting to taste these dishes in a nice restaurant we can always design experiments to test ourselves in our kitchens and delight our loved ones. Basically the food is beautiful and when the raw material quality is our imagination can work freely!

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