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Food Network shows, now Shenyang above average pot size in pot shops or restaurants for the main project more than 1,000 stores, of which more than Jiucheng main hotpot.

Great, full of marked and Chilli The soup in the pot boiling, tumbling forward, puffing a sharp spicy hot air … … must show your teeth, eat a reduced neck shrug, but also Kazakh gas is breathing … …

Was not afraid of spicy, was not afraid of hot, spicy was not afraid. Recently, media reports said, “hotpot bottom material of national standards,” issued during the year is expected. The most special is a spicy hot pot degree of classification, to address the problem difficult to reach.

Response: better good is it real
Noon yesterday, reporters were visited several hot pot restaurants.
“Haha, interesting how spicy hot pot, but also to separate the grade?” “After I eat hot pot, not that spicy, and a direct call three?”

“Every time I go hot pot restaurants, all points spicy. Can go a few days before the shop, spicy, spicy food than I used to more simply Kangbu Zhu. If there is standard, and various shops spicy degree to Unity We ate up a relief. “Liaoning Song and Dance Troupe of Miss Cui said so.

“After all, eat Food , Not the machine parts. If I were not too spicy, and shouted a voice, so that attendants are not on the end add a little spicy, and spicy special moment and the standard Meisha necessary. “Distribution market in Shenyang northbound Seasoning Large Zhou Ting readily.

A “gourmet,” said Mr. Wu, said: pay attention to Chinese food is at spiritual health can be standardized, taste impossible to quantify.

Taiyuan Street, Heping District, a hot pot restaurant, chef named Liu, Guiyang, a day after his deal with the chili at least a few pounds. “More spicy things I can do it.” But for the peppers hot pot made by grading, Liu chef or somewhat difficult. “How to do that? I use several types of chili each day, to which is the basis? Moreover, individual cooks have different preferences. I love overturned with five leaves and red pepper, cook house next door that specialized 7 pepper leaves. spicy too many good points, ah, that is the same spicy, spicy with a kind of degree, as the two chefs can not make sure. “

Thinking: should be under martial arts Food Safety On
Present, only a degree of standard hot pepper, divided into 15. Global pepper trade, the use of this standard to measure the quality of pepper and its products.

Chinese food service master, provincial restaurant cooking Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Hongwei Industry Association told reporters that the chilli pepper’s standards on suppliers and chefs more meaningful. Cooking, what material, what with, who’s who plays, how much weight, sequence and timing of the pot, heating duration, on the formation of spicy essential criteria used to it all depends on personal experience chef flexibility. Gourmet shop 1000 1000 stress flavor, but also pay attention to meet the local people Diet Habits. Sichuan same, the taste of Beijing in Beijing, Shenyang in Shenyang is the taste, cook must taste according to local custom and use of materials appropriate adjustments spicy, so we go to do business. To develop national standards for the substrate hot pot itself is a good thing, but can not ignore the characteristics and geographical and cultural hot pot.

Zhang Hongwei that should be Food Safety Efforts. For example, the traditional process hotpot to reuse the old oil issues and paraffin problems, should look carefully, it is desirable to use, how to supervise.

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