How Quality of Life Improves After Weight Loss


One of the primary reasons people want to lose weight is to improve their quality of life, in addition to improving their health. There are a myriad of ways that quality of life improves once weight has been lost, and many of them may be subtle or unexpected to a majority of people. Aside from the many health benefits, weight loss also has social, personal, and even financial benefits. Every aspect of life is impacted by such a major physical and lifestyle change, and the benefits can be powerful and far reaching.

Being overweight predisposes the body to innumerable chronic conditions later in life. The risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, renal failure, stroke, and worse is drastically reduced when excess weight is lost and a healthy weight is maintained.

Chronic pain, particularly joint and lower back pain, are markedly reduced following significant weight loss. The extra weight puts a great deal of strain on the body, which is greatly reduced when weight has been lost.

People who have lost a great deal of weight are generally able to sleep better than they were before. This is likely due to the reduction in sleep apnea that occurs following weight loss.

In addition to the improved quality of life, the length of the person’s lifespan is also extended. This is particularly the case if the weight is lost in a healthy manner and at an earlier age.

Sadly, people who are very overweight are held in a lower regard in society than their lower weight counterparts. After losing weight, people tend to be treated better and with more respect by their peers.

People also tend to notice an improvement in their intimate lives after weight loss. This is due to a number of factors. In part, it is due to the sad fact that overweight people are generally thought to be unattractive by the opposite sex. It is also greatly benefited by the improved self confidence the person feels, as well as the increased physical endurance.

Clothing can not only be purchased off the rack in almost every clothing store available, but a much wider array of choices become available. Having to shop for plus size clothes severely limits fashion options.

Over time, you will save a huge amount of money after weight loss. The medical expenses alone that arise from the complications of obesity can be devastating for most people.

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