Ibiza The Island With Holiday Properties To Rent

.tags Ibiza has something for everyone regardless of what you are interested in. And holiday properties to rent is the ideal way to spend your holiday. Famed for its electrifying nightlife people are often mistaken in thinking this is all the island has to offer. Large portions of Ibiza are actually registered as U.N World Heritage Sites. Summer is the best time to go as any other time of the year the Island is empty of tourists and all the clubs are closed.


There is more to Ibiza than just clubbing, and surprisingly, it is great for families as well. There is plenty to do including tours of the island by car, boat or train, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, mountain biking, diving and countless other water sports which can be enjoyed by families and young groups who holiday in Ibiza. For real family fun there is a bowling centre, karting, an aquarium and a water park.


One thing is for sure when you go to Ibiza and that is you are guaranteed a clubbing experience like never before. Top clubs, the best DJs, an array of celebrities and mad partygoers create a magical experience you are unlikely to uncover anywhere else. With clubs lining the vibrant streets there is definitely something for everyone. Privilege, the worlds biggest club is absolutely mind blowing and hosts the infamous Manumussion parties on Friday nights. The first club to open in Ibiza, Pacha, has set a trend around the globe as there are now over 70 located around the world. For the real hard core clubbers amongst you, Space is a must as it opens when all the other clubs shut. Regarded by many as the finest club in the world, it offers music for all different tastes with five different music areas.

Eating Out

One of the most surprising things about Ibiza is how cheap eating out is and the extraordinary amount of restaurants available. The choice is yours with Spanish cuisine, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese and fish restaurants amongst others. As well as this you can choose to enjoy your meals along the beach, docks or scenic town.

Where to Stay

Holiday properties to rent is the ideal way to spend your time and it gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. Many people stay in Talamanca or Figueretas as they are close to the nightlife and both have beaches, especially as hotels in Ibiza Town are limited. San Antonio Bay is famous for being one of the most beautiful areas in the Mediterranean. There are beautiful views and beaches to be seen in the day and at night cafes and bars provide live entertainment. Portinatx is ideal for families as it is quieter and has a couple good beaches to choose from. There is lots to do including sight seeing and activities for children which is bound to keep everyone happy.


The Cova de es Culleram is a large cave which provides interesting viewing and has a lot of history behind it. Es Vedra Rock is a memorable attraction on Ibiza which was once the home to a hermit. For an absolutely spectacular experience, visit the rock at sunset. Families will enjoy Ponylandia as children can enjoy pony rides and other activities. As well as this, Catedral de Santa Maria and Atalaia de San Jose come highly recommended.

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