Royal family members attend funeral of Princess Margaret

Royal family members attend funeral of Princess Margaret

(15 Feb 2002)

1. Wide shot of Windsor Castle
2. Various of Queen Mother arriving in people carrier
3. Princess Margaret’s children – David, Viscount Linley, and Lady Sarah Chatto
4. Royal Family walking down road toward chapel doors – pictures include, Princes Charles, William and Harry, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward with wife Sophie, and Princess Anne.
5. Queen Elizabeth II’s car arriving
7. Queen getting out of car with husband, Prince Philip. The pair walk past brick wall toward chapel.
8. Wide shot of coffin in chapel
9. Coffin with a guard standing at each end
10. Coffin with roses on top
11. Side shot of coffin with guards at either end
12. Coffin being down castle stairs
13. Coffin being carried towards hearse, coming to a halt
14. Queen, Prince Philip, and David, Viscount Linley, and Lady Sarah Chatto watching from castle steps. Queen wipes a tear from her eye.
16. Front shot of Scots guards playing bagpipes accompanying the hearse through the castle gates into the streets of Windsor, well-wishers watching from behind barricades.


Members of the British royal family bid a final farewell to Princess Margaret at Windsor Castle on Friday, 50 years after her father, King George VI, was buried nearby.

The service at Saint George’s Chapel was private, though a subdued crowd of nearly three thousand wellwishers had gathered outside the gates.

The principal mourners were Margaret’s children, Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Chatto, along with the queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Margaret’s former husband, the Earl of Snowdon.

The 101-year-old Queen Mother arrived in a people carrier and entered the building through a different entrance to the rest of her family.

Some 450 people, including more than 30 royals, attended the funeral service for the 71-year-old younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II.

The princess’s rose-covered coffin was shrouded in her red, blue and gold-coloured personal standard during the funeral service.

Following cremation at nearby Slough Crematorium, Margaret’s ashes were to be placed in the Royal Vault at Saint George’s Chapel.

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