Side Effects of Turmeric – Do You Need to Be Concerned?


There are a few side effects of turmeric for certain people that you should be aware of if you are taking a supplement that contains this spice. Most people on the other hand will have no problems with this and will actually benefit from its many health benefits.

Since it is a substance that is often used in cooking you may not think to ask are there any side effects of turmeric. But as stated above if you fall into the following categories you should be sure to check with your health provider before taking a supplement with it in it.

If you’re one whose had a blood clotting disorder.
If you’re on other medications be sure to ask your physician if turmeric can be taken along with them. In some cases you need to take other medications one to three hours apart from taking supplements. Your health provider will be able to advice you on that.
If you are a nursing woman, you should not take turmeric during the months you are nursing. 
If you have heart disease where the cause has not been determined.
If you have gallstones that are painful.

Since studies are always being done where medicine is concerned, you should always check with your health provider when taking any medications, even supplements. Most doctors will ask you what supplements you take, so be sure to tell them. If you take one with multiple nutrients, take the list with you so your doctor knows what the contents are.

I take capsules that contain 70 nutrients; one is curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. I am not in any of the categories above, but even so my physician is aware of all seventy health-benefiting substances in my daily supplement. 

He assures me there are no side effects of turmeric or any of the other ingredients that I have to be concerned about. Which I am very pleased with, because I’ve looked for a long time for something I could take that would be totally balanced.

Taking curcumin has many health benefits, which include anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, and antioxidants that help fight certain cancers. I like getting this helpful nutrient in with my other herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and additional antioxidants because it is more cost effective to get them combined. Plus I only have one bottle to order and to keep track off.

If you’re interested in what I take, check out the web site listed in my bio. I think you’ll find mine a very balanced nutritional supplement, but don’t forget to check with your doctor about any side effects of turmeric with any other meds you are taking. 

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