What Do Women Want in Men? 4 Tips to Seduce & Attract


One of the questions I get most often from men is..what do women want in men?

A lot of men seem to think that women want the wrong things in men, for example, money, status, power. Although these things are, to a point, what women want, they are not specifically – and to understand exactly what they want you must first understand the amazing mind of a woman!

First things first, security. Security means three specific things for a woman: physical security, emotional security (a. k. a. faithfulness) and temporal (and not temporary) security (a. k. a. stability). Although women want a few things from men, the most important feature they want is stability. Even if it is quite known that women usually like more Mr. “Jerk” than Mr. “Nice” because he finds him more manly, at the end, single women usually marry a Mr. “Nice” because she finds him more stable. And because…

He is more chivalrous, intimate, and tender. The best way in which a single woman can ensure herself that the man who is giving her security now will not become her main aggressor later is to see how men behave in their daily life. Even when women can easily live and survive without us, a chivalrous offering will decidedly work in the man’s favor… Just don’t exaggerate your chivalrousness because…

If you exaggerate it you will be dropped. Women want men who will be able to provide her some security from outer aggressions as well. That is to say, if he looks weak to her, he will probably look weak for other men and, therefore, it is more convenient for her to look somewhere else. Women will find attractive men who behave manfully before the world but tenderly with them, even if he’s not the most stunning man in the world. His manliness will show her how protective he can be; his tenderness, how supporting he can be if she needs him. A woman’s brain is like that.

I hope this helped you understand what women want in men…Although it can be very confusing to understand a woman’s mind, hopefully this gave you a little more insight.

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